Article Number: 6552
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 28 Pages, 2014, Correspondents
David Jourdan, Yuji Oshima

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"A sojourn in Palm Springs in the early summer of 2011. Three people lingering around a Mickey Mouse shaped pool in the breezy backyard of a cul-de-sac closet originally owned by Steve McQueen. Their conversations turn towards contrast, detail, space, terrain, surface, entropy, belonging. Lars Neckel's Empty Set takes it from here... ."

Lars Neckel (*1975, living in Berlin) works as visual artist, designer and conceptional mind. Questioning viewing patterns, settings and meanings in space his work is intrigued by Alétheia, disclosure, the original affiliation of presence and absence. It is out of this antagonism of truth that he manipulates the familiar and the everyday through alienation, fragmentation and abstraction, allowing us to experience new layers of meaning in reality.

Language: English