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Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 14 Pages, 2016
Marcel Broodthaers

10,000 Francs Reward

A 20th Century Art Treatise
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"10,000 Francs Reward" is the title of a 1974 interview given to Irmeline Lebeer by Marcel Broodthaers in which the Belgian artist criticised the fact that art was imprisoned by its own ghosts, used to embellish spaces of institutions as a sign of power, and wandered like a shadow through the layers of history.

Broodthaers clearly distanced himself from the modernist belief that museums, as repositories of artistic essence, had to expose a universal reality which should be able to transform society. More than thirty years later, the questions and doubts posed by Broodthaers regarding the role of modern museums continue to be valid and most of them remain unresolved. Edition Size: 1000 Language: English