Article Number: 8524
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 48 Pages, 2015, Lubok
Svenja Kreh

15 years of drawing

A check-up
€ 15.50

Künstlerbuch mit 36 schwarz-weißen Abbildungen im Offsetdruck, gestaltet von HIT.

Svenja Kreh’s works reach deeply into the underbelly of modern art history, its colonial, imperial, ethnographic cavities, use archaic languages sans-souci. […] Hers is the work of art in the age of post-biological reproduction, an art form that tests the geometries of genetic splicing and re-pairing on recognizable remnants of the iconic age—to see what happens, to make you see what happens, to make you see this happen.

Language: German / English