Article Number: 11185
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 128 Pages, 2003
Laurie Palmer, Patricia Phillips, Christopher Robert Reed


DuSable Park Proposal Project

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In 1988, the city of Chicago declared three acres of public land along Lake Michigan the future home of DuSable Park—a green refuge dedicated to Chicago's first settler, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.

3 Acres on the Lake: DuSable Park Proposal Project developed in response to the claustrophobic climate of increasingly privatized urban space and the dwindling of habitats and haunts for opportunistic plants and curious persons.It was also a response to the discriminatory and devastating effects of city policies favoring high high-income development.The Project invited, without city sanction or authority, speculative proposals for how small plot of public land in Chicago might be used.

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