Article Number: 164
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 32 Pages, 2009
uqui permui, Oscar Otero, Gisela Ahumada, Martiño Villaverde, Natalia Crecente, Segundo Fernández, Marcos Dopico


magazine of the galician association of designers [DAG]

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in this issue:

"typographic histories" by Oscar Otero, "Tango corazón de papel" of Gisela Ahumada, a conversation between Uqui Permui and Martiño Villaverde "to inspire… to expire" "Formats and reticles" everything in-box/fit by Natalia Creciente and Segundo Fernández and "Replca, a typography of the XXIst century" by Marcos Dopico.
Coordination: Uqui Permui