Article Number: 6765
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 72 Pages, 2015, ISBN 978-87-998262-0-9
Claus Due, Sylvester Roepstorff, Johanne Lian Olsen

49 landscapes 73 beards and the Skinned Head of a Young Bull

This book has been published as a part of the European Cultural Happening "Mix it Up", where invited artists and designers from a range of different professions were asked to interpret artwork form the collection at the National Gallery of Denmark.

The premise of the assignment was to choose an artwork from the digital collection, which covers 7 centuries of art history, representing art from all over the world. To choose only one of the many wonderful artworks seemed as impossible task, and this is why the book focuses on the 112 paintings in the collection to analyse and interpret as a whole. This publication is an attempt to organise and categorise the paintings from a range of criteria- from the number of cats and dogs, to how many dead queens there can be found in the artworks.

Language: English