Article Number: 2265
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 250 Pages, 2009, Revolver Publishing by VVV
Andreas Sell

6382 Personal Profiles

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Andreas Sell developed the work that is presented at Platform China. In cooperation with four other people, he collected 6,380 personal resumes of passers-by in Beijing.

The information includes the gender, date of birth, education, job, and hobbies, creating a personal profile that states specific decisions and actions in the lives of the individuals, which they wrote down at an average of 1 minute. 3,000 of the collected profiles will be transformed into a visual, abstract mural with a size of 16.5 x 3.7 m. Furthermore, everyone who gave his personal profile will be invited for the opening of the exhibition, with the exception of those who left no contact information. The compile of all 6,380 profiles is published as a book in English.