Article Number: 10592
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 42 Pages, 2013
Giancarlo Norese, Luca Scarabelli

a certain number of books #3

the archive of forgotten ideas.

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Sometimes we have ideas that we like but for rational, emotional or practical reasons we think they won’t work out or we aren’t able to develop them at that moment. Consequently we keep them apart, “hide” them somewhere in a peripheral and little attended side of the memory.

We use some of them while, through the passage of time, we forget others.

The Archive of Forgotten Ideas is a gatherer and custodian of things that are destined for oblivion. It is the place of a return of the utopian, forgotten, postponed, impossible or rejected, a repertory of the potential, of that which has not been but might be.

Cecilia Guida asked artists, intellectuals, writers, scientists, economists, etc. to remember an (apparently) forgotten idea and transferred the intuitions and incomplete ideas told to her, into this book.

Languages: English, Italian