Article Number: 12111
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 115 Pages, Crayolab
Jana Al-Obeidyine

a Dance Mag #3 – Touch

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Read in the "Touch" issue: ­­A Singaporean artist connects with Hijikata Tatsumi from beyond the grave • A Lycanthrope turns into a Manta Ray, a story of metamorphosis • Connecting during quarantine, with TikTok • Touching Palestine in a contemporary art center in Dubai • A Norwegian cartel redefines modern-day manhood • Dr. Aline LePierre talks about the healing power of touch

Born during the year of global pandemic, confinement and social distancing, "issue 03: Touch", brings us, paradoxically, stories of connection, transformation and healing. With issue 03, we wander into the underworlds of Northern Japan, find home in the Mediterranean Sea, experiment with manhood in the arctic, unite on a Kurdish mountain and touch Palestine in Dubai. The "Touch" issue recovers some of the powers of a sense that has become restrained.