Article Number: 2271
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 80 Pages, 2009, starship
Starship Magazine

A.E.I.u.U. Just what is it that made today's Berlin so different, so appealing

STARSHIP, the early years, 1998-2001

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A collection of texts from the first 4 Starship issues in english translation, together with illustrations and images from this period.

With contributions by Hans-Christian Dany, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Michaela Eichwald, Judith Hopf, Antje Majewski, Ariane Müller, Gunter Reski and Haytham El Wardany. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Berlin 2000Pace Wildenstein Gallery, New York, March 2009.