Article Number: 1575
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 184 Pages, 2009, Koenig Books, London
Whitechapel Gallery

A Manual for the 21st Century Art Institution

A Room by Room Guide to the Contemporary Institution of the Future, This Collection of New Essays Considers the Evolution of Gallery and Museum Practice

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This publication brings together a collection of new critical texts by a variety of leading authors on institutional practice. It takes as its subject the evolution of the twenty-first century arts institution and is structured as a room by room guide of a contemporary art space.

"Just what is it that makes today`s institutions so different, so appealing?"

Readers journey from the reception to the roof terrace, via spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions, site-specific commissions and collections displays, taking in the bookshop, café, auditorium and education spaces along the way. Twelve writers - artists, academics, curators and directors of galleries and museums - trace a trajectory around the function of each space and the role it plays within contemporary institutions. These discussions encompass key developments in the history of exhibition making and artistic practice over the last hundred years as well wider cultural concerns that affect public art organisations globally. The result is an indispensable handbook for art professionals, students and anyone who is simply curious about todays artworld.

Produced upon the occasion of the opening of the expanded Whitechpael Gallery, April 2009.