Article Number: 5309
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 13 Pages, 2011, Printed Matter
Bureau for open culture

A Manual for the Immaterial Worker

The Way We Work Now.

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A Manual for the Immaterial Worker was commissioned by Printed Matter as part of the “Artists & Activists” series. The publication takes the form of an instructional manual for the old-fashioned time clock to explore current conditions under which the “immaterial worker” functions.

Today, the time clock is irrelevant for some workers, such as designers, writers, curators, artists and even farmers, because there are not clearly-defined terms for when work begins and ends. So they do what is most expected of them: produce a constant flow of ideas and content. Through design, text and illustrations this publication examines our changing relationship with labor and its effects on contemporary life.

Quelle: Bureau for Open Culture