Article Number: 4033
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 168 Pages, 2011, Revolver Publishing by VVV
Özmen Sener

A Sener Özmen Book

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Şener Özmen is a productive key figure who has been actively participating in the contemporary art scene of Turkey since its gradual ascent in the 90s. (engl./turkish)

The original stance of his labour in the emergence of our art is seen in his continuing efforts in writing, publishing, curatorial contributions, presentations and fictional work alongside his art works which mark the centre-periphery polarisation both on a global scale through East-West dynamics and on a local scale through The Southeast-Istanbul axis while at the same time persistently representing the Kurdish (and regional) reality in a multi-dimensional way in contemporary art. Another repeatedly noted characteristic of Özmen is his presence as an experimental figure illustrating the intermingling of text and visual arts. Although Özmen has a critical position in terms of technique as much as content, and has been widely circulated internationally, there has not been a comprehensive publication focusing on his body of work as yet. With this book we had the opportunity to place Özmen’s work of some nearly 20 years into the perspective of a framework.