Article Number: 12080
Soft Cover, German / English, No Binding, 18 Pages, 2020
Silke Otto-Knapp

A series of images following one from the other/ Eine aufeinander folgende Reihe von Bildern

€ 45.80

A series of images following one from the other/Eine aufeinander folgende Reihe von Bildern is a dual-purpose artist's book made from ten unbound sheets of paper (each 29.7 x 40 cm), gloss on one side and matte on the other.

When gathered in order according to the numbers at the foot of each page, and folded in half with the gloss side facing outwards, nine of these sheets carry a conversation between artist Silke Otto-Knapp and curator Kitty Scott. The conversation is interspersed with a photograph of a 17.9 meter-long horizontal frieze built from thirteen of Silke's paintings reproduced on the matte side using a color calibration system developed by Maximage with two different blacks and an opaque white.

The frieze itself consists of eight portrait panels (each 140 x 105 cm) and five landscape panels (each 140 x 190cm) with motifs rendered in black watercolor that variously depict choreographed tableaux of large groups in formation and constellations of figures performing everyday actions like walking, running, and resting to form a perpetual sequence of events. Designed to wrap around a gallery space at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, UK, and adaptable to other architectural situations.

Comissioned by the Liverpool Biennial 2018, Beautiful world where are you?, 14 July - 8 October 2018, and first presented at the Victoria Gallery and Museum, University of Liverpool.