Article Number: 1109
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 11 Pages, 2008
Martha Rosler

A trilogy on service colonization

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Providing art as a service to others or thinking about this as a way to destabilize the commodity-function of art has been formative for Temporary Services and Half Letter Press. Martha Rosler has been a pioneer is so many ways that have impacted contemporary art practice. This is just one of them. There is no way we could miss offering this publication in our growing catalog. It was recently reprinted by the tireless folks at Printed Matter.

They describe the book thusly:

A reprint of the 70s classic. "A Budding Gourmet", "McTowers Maid," and "Tijuana Maid": three short novels address the social uses of food (the third told in both Spanish and English). Originally a mail art project, the stories were serialized and sent to potential readers on postcards.