Article Number: 10036
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 144 Pages, 2014

About Academia

Case Study: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

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About Academia (Case Study: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver BC) extends from a larger project first produced in 2011, and exhibited at Audain Gallery in 2013.

Featuring transcriptions of panel discussions with Ian Angus, Glen Coulthard, Serge Guilbaut, Kirsten McAllister, Antoni Muntadas and Geraldine Pratt; Andrea Creamer, Am Johal, Natalie Knight, Didier Morelli, Nicholas Perrin and Jerry Zaslove; and contributions from Catherine Murray, Christopher Pavsek, Dara Culhane, Enda Brophy, Julie Sawatsky, Geoff Mann, Myka Tucker-Abramson and Mark Willson, Am Johal, and Carolyn Lesjak.

Language: English