Article Number: 12647
Soft Cover, English / French, Thread Stitching, 288 Pages, 2017, Mercatorfonds
Olga Mohler-Picabia

Album Picabia

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This is not a catalogue raisonné. Nor is it a family album. If anything, it is an album dé-raisonné, the collage of a life commented on discreetly by its author. It is a reproduction of the world of Olga Mohler-Picabia around a mentor and a great love, Francis Picabia. A variation on the theme of Pygmalion, this album is the highly personal expression of a quarter century of learning. An intaglio portrait of Picabia through the eyes of Olga, a portrait that is at once funny, intimate, sensible and often very moving.

This work is an invitation to go on a journey through time: the Living History of Art, of Life, of the Man, of the Artist. Olga Picabia, born Mohler in 1905 in Liestal, Switzerland; died in 2002, Rue Danielle Casanova in Paris.
Francis Picabia, born François Marie Martinez-Picabia y Davanne in 1879 in Paris, Rue des Petits-Champs; died in 1953 at the same address, the street named Danielle Casanova in 1944.