Article Number: 2572
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 64 Pages, 2008, post editions
Delphine Bedel

All that is solid melts into air

Notes on tourism

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All that is solid melts into air. Notes on Tourism is a reflection on the work of artist and writer Delphine Bedel. From amusement parks and monuments, to camping and beach resorts, her photographs and writings document sites of tourism in diverse contexts. She brings into question the visual representation of leisure, architecture, and cultural artefacts.

This book explores three complex and controversial tourist destinations and cultural heritages whose identity, use, and meaning have shifted radically over time: a giant Lenin statue buried in a forest of Berlin, the monumental Nazi holiday resort in Prora, and the nearby landscape of the chalk cliffs on Rügen as painted by Caspar David Friedrich, all located in Germany. As one of today's largest world industries, tourism and leisure influence our way of life and reflect upon shifting cultural, economic, social, and historical realities. The process of constructing meaning and interpretation through images takes centre stage in the experience of tourism.
What is the relationship between architecture and identity? Who owns the past? What is the Romantic imagination of nature in relation to tourism today?
Using her photographic research as a starting point, Delphine Bedel invited writers from diverse disciplines to contribute to the book, resulting in original and unexpected historical and critical perspectives on the relations between visual culture, tourism, and memory politics.

Authors: Delphine Bedel, Francesco Bernardelli, Rachel Esner, Bruno Latour, Marco Pasi, Olivier Rolin, Thibaut de Ruyter.

This publication/project has been made possible with support of the Mondriaan Foundation and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.