Article Number: 4623
Book with medium, English, Staple Binding, 94 Pages, 2011
Eric Fredericksen, Thomas Crow

An Invitation to an Infiltration

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This CAG publication was designed by participating artist collective Dexter Sinister, printed by Fillip, and edited by Jenifer Papararo.

It features a transcript of renowned art historian Thomas Crow's keynote address for the 2005 Frieze Foundation Talks, along side a series of blog entries and emails pertaining to the exhibition and the CAG's relationship to VANOC and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Fredericksen's curatorial text and personal reflections on the exhibition, an audio piece by Fia Backström, and new artworks made specifically for the publication by Hadley+Maxwell and Jordan Wolfson, combine to make this an insightful and essential companion to the exhibition.

Sprache: Englisch