Article Number: 5350
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 2013, arsenal, institut für film und videokunst e.V.

Analog, camera: consciousness: Yogabhrashta


Between the spoken and the shot, that are collated and archived within the niches and crevices of living cultures. Approaching cinematography or writing with light through the older-pre-modern practices of words and diagrams, this text traces back the source of imagery and narrative, and our ways of apprehending them, to the base line of memory and thus, to the core of our consciousness. (Englisch)

In this rendering image, perception, narrative and memory, both experiential and contrived as well as individual and collective, overlap and become indistinguishable - resembling an archive of unlabelled film cans. And thereby allowing the reels to get mixed up and then, eventually, to thread a new film by unwinding the canonised celluloid texts.