Article Number: 92
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 20 Pages, 2009
Johanna Billing, Christian Jendreiko, James Thomas, William Tyler

Apparent Extent

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Texts by Johanna Billing, Christian Nae, Christian Jendreiko, William Tyler, and James Merle Thomas. Photos by Jörg Koopmann. Collages by Martin Fengel

Apparent Extent is a fanzine and a record label. First a record label then a fanzine, because I discovered that the musicians and artists on my way are not only producing incredible music but also are amazing writers, this combined with two photograpers I have worked with over the past (Jörg Koopmann and Martin Fengel) I decided to put together some sort of readers digest. Johanna Billing from Stockholm discusses her latets film project with Christian Nae from Romania. Christian Jendreiko comes up with a fresh solution to tune a guitar to enjoy the pleasure of chromalodic music. James Merle Thomas introduces composer/cellist/disco producer Arthur Russell and his curatorial project "Sorry, but this is how I learn." Martin Fengel - originally a photographer - collects all inpromptu collage work for apparent extent and Jörg Koopmann finds a series of photos with the subject "Martin Fengel in Kolkata, India"