Article Number: 11924
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 320 Pages, 2008
Willem Elias

Aspects of Belgian Art after 1945. Part I & II

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In these two books Willem Elias focuses on Belgian art movements that have emerged since 1945. It situates the Belgian art scene in an international context, whereby special attention is paid to the origins of the particular art movement.

Part I: First, a broad description of international antecedents and context is given, then the movement is presented along with some representative examples of Belgian artists, and numerous illustrations. The chapters do not succeed one another according to a strict chronological order. They are separate entities; each throwing some light on one aspect of an art history, from a variety of angles. Part II: Every chapter is concluded with a discussion of one or more Belgian artists. These commentaries are not absolute truths with the validity of an instruction manual, but examples of interpretations. An artwork is after all an open sign to which the viewer can bring their own interpretation. Part II can be perfectly read without knowledge of Part I. It is not a consecutive story. Each chapter stands autonomously and is legible on its own. These are books that can be read back-to-front. The vision Willem Elias deploys has matured throughout his lifelong experience in the art world as an art critic, curator, teacher, committee member of advisory and governing boards and as an art theoretician, working mainly from the perspective of art philosophy. This all has led to a singular vision on the visual arts after 1945. Language: English