Article Number: 10122
Soft Cover, Thread Stiching, 496 Pages, 2010
Gabriela Świtek

Awangarda w bloku

Avant-garde in the Bloc

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"Avant-garde in the Bloc" is a publication devoted to an eponymous conference dedicated to the oeuvre and studio of Henryk Stazewski (1894-1988) and Edward Krasinski (1925-2004) and the founding of the Institute of the Avant-garde established in the two artists' studio.

The issues related to the studio/apartment of Henryk Stazewski and Edward Krasinski refer to "other spaces" of art and art history in Poland after 1945, which invalidate binary oppositions of private/public, interior/exterior, history/memory. The publication reflects upon the history and the artistic and social phenomenon of the studio, as well as to new research perspectives related to the work of Henryk Stazewski and Edward Krasinski.

Language: Polish