Article Number: 8254
Soft Cover, English, 88 Pages, 2010, ISBN 9788992233361
Meena Park, Kukche Hwarang


MeeNa Park

MeeNa Park's practice is research and process-based, constantly questioning not only what is being painted but the methodologies and philosophies adopted in her work.

Well-known for works created in series such as Color Collecting, Scream, or Dingbat paintings, she is interested in exploring and exploiting the predetermined structures such as 'ready-made' paint colors available in the market or symbols hidden in dingbat fonts which she carefully constructs onto the canvas, allowing a meta or local narrative interpretation of the works. Things are not always what they seem in Park\'s work. The exhibition\'s title, BCGKMRY is actually an alphabetical anagram of colors CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and RGB (red, green, black).

Language: English