Article Number: 1123
Magazine, English, Staple Binding, 36 Pages, 2006

Being Evil Knievel -Issue Nr. 2

At arms length -Spring 2006

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"As time doesn't stop, we are proud to devote this second edition of BEK to EVIL's newest project: his alter-ego SUPER A. EVIL will be in Langenhagen (Germany) in March and April to give us guys an insight into his personal well being.

SUPER A of course, is just one little facet, but as you will hopefully discover, a more than eye-popping one. Therefore we are especially happy to feature both an extensive interview with EVIL KNIEVEL on his alter-ego and a mind-blowing photo story of SUPER A himself. Also we are introducing a new column at the end of the mag that tries to show a wider perspective of our so beloved EVIL KNIEVEL." (Peter Hush)