Article Number: 8877
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 168 Pages, 2016, Sternberg Press
Boris Groys

Beyond The Globe

8th Triennial of Contemporary Art U3

In our cultural imagination, the cosmos is a harmonious, utopian universe, but it is also uncontrollable, even unknown, and the source of a specifically modern fear or uneasiness—one that could be described as “cosmic anxiety.”

It’s no accident that mass culture today is obsessed with visions of asteroids coming out of space, causing the destruction of the earth. At the same time, space is the last frontier—the final chance for a genuine human endeavor. This catalogue presents many possibilities for the artistic exploration of the topic at hand: the connection between artistic and scientific imagination, the cosmos as analysis of sci-fi culture, perspectives of corporeal immortality, and the critique of contemporary technology. Language: English