Article Number: 9807
Soft Cover, German, Staple Binding, 24 Pages, 2016
Rick Owens

Biblical brutalist bauhaus bakersfield

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KALEIDOSCOPE’s Spring 2017 issue was accompanied by “Biblical Brutalist Bauhaus Bakersfield,” a unique 28-page zine conceived and designed by visionary designer Rick Owens on the occasion of his concurring exhibition “Furniture” at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Best known for the iconic, eponymous clothing label he started in Los Angeles in 1994, since 2007 Owens has applied a punk and anarchist sensibility to furniture design as well, creating brutal and elegant forms out of marble, alabaster, bronze, ox bone, leather, concrete and plywood.

As KALEIDOSCOPE’s zine illustrates, Owens has consistently drawn inspiration for his fashion collections and sculptural furniture from a vast array of art historical sources that span modernist design, brutalist architecture, monochrome painting, minimal art and avant-garde dance.