Article Number: 12052
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 120 Pages, 2005
Robert Harshorn Shimshak (Hrsg.)

Bill Owens – Leisure

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The fourth and final volume in Bill Owens' landmark Suburbia series [SUBURBIA (1973; revised edition 1999, Fotofolio), OUR KIND OF PEOPLE (1975), WORKING - I DO IT FOR THE MONEY (1977), and LEISURE (2004)].

In his introduction to LEISURE, photographer Gregory Crewdson writes: "Owens photographs belong to an American aesthetic tradition of art that explores the intersection of everyday life and theatricality. Like the paintings of Edward Hopper, the photographs of Walker Evans and Diane Arbus, and the short stories of John Cheever and Raymond Carver, Owens photographs find unexpected beauty and mystery within the American vernacular. This collision between normality and strangeness transforms the American landscape into a place of wonder and anxiety."