Article Number: 8158
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 100 Pages, 2014
Petra Feriancova

Bird Guide II

€ 16.00

Bird guide I and II, is a collection of texts from classical mythology related to concrete bird species, which the artist's aunt, a professor of ornithology Zora Feriancová Masárová, helped to identify.

These species of birds are freely distributed, but this guide introduces them as if they were a human invention. Their existence began only as a myth.Petra Feriancova, born in Bratislava (former czechoslovakia in '77), works with the intention of post-production. The key moment of her work is the conceptualisation of her own emotional reactions to the processes of perception and memory, as well as an examination of the conditions under which they are shared. She works mostly with already made images, texts and archives, which she then interprets and methodically interchanges. The main aim of manipulating a reference - pictorial or discursive - is to provide the spectator with the original affective reaction to it.Language: English