Article Number: 3858
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 84 Pages, 2011, Werkplaats Typografie
Vittoria Soddu

Biscotti di vento

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Biscotti di Vento is a research project by artist Vittoria Soddu in collaboration with authors Manlio Brigalia, Bianca Pitzorno and Celestino Tabasso. Their contributions to Biscotti di Vento have been inspired by conversations filmed by Soddu in 2010 with Antonella Baralla and Salvatorica Manca around the origins and secrets of a contended biscuit. (english/italien)

“If they make – or made – them only in Benetutti, the question is: where did they come from, and why did they disappear? Why they disappeared is simple: making them required skill and knowledge of the meticulous ancient recipe, and the price did not remunerate the effort.Even the villagers of Benetutti cannot solve the mystery of where they came from, partly because a serious inquiry into the subject does not seem sustainable. There is a legend that attributes the origin of the recipe to a village of the Marghine, a region of high hills tracing the border (marghine, hence the name) of the Goceano. From the town of Bolotana, around the turn of the XX century, there came a parish priest (here called su rettore) called Leonardo Motzo Zolo. He brought along with him a niece kind housekeeper, an orphaned nephew, whom he helped to educate as a priest, and – so the legend goes – biscottos de entu.” (excerpt from ‘The Legend of Father Motzo. Sugar Hands’, Manlio Brigaglia, In: Biscotti di Vento, 2011, p. 14)