Article Number: 1185
Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 32 Pages, 2007, Nieves
Rick Myers

Bite Marks in Paper

availability unknown, if interested please write an email

Bite Marks in Paper presents a series of intimate structures which function somewhere between two and three dimensions. Over the course of twelve months Myers used the action of biting paper to create a series of blind embossed paper documents, suggesting fragments of the everyday, as unique records of the impulses that precipitated them. In addition to the release of the publication, there will be a special accompanying text by Byron Coley, and a limited, deluxe edition.

Manchester based Rick Myers has gradually presented a stream of objects and special editions on his website, the latest being a privately released, mail subscription series. His work is crafted using understated materials and processes and investigates countless interweaving elements and ideas. Mobiles, hand-detailed prints, wooden diagrams, paper sculpture bring together his exploration, documentation, and process of creative association.

Myers' acclaimed seven year project, Funnel Vision Portable Museum was shown at the 2004 Liverpool Biennial, and then during British Architecture Week in 2005. He has collaborated on projects and publications with Nieves, 2K, Channel 4, Gladtree Press, Commonwealth Stacks, Hammer & Tongs, The Quiet Life, and has produced around 100 artworks for cd/lp's by artists such as John Cale, Doves, and Dinosaur Jr. Myers has presented live drawings and exhibitions in Manchester, London, USA, Germany and Sweden.