Article Number: 2407
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 2006, Roma Publications
Roland Schimmel

Blind Spot

It’s impossible for the viewer not to be affected by the color sensations that Roland Schimmel’s airbrushed paintings evoke. In his work, he strives towards a visual short circuit: he manipulates perception at the level of its unconscious reflexes. The after images that are generated after perceiving shapes and colors play a central part in his work. He combines image with after image: when they are squeezed together into a simultaneous presence, an unbearable pressure results. Reality and illusion seem to be projected interactively on the canvas through the eye. This way, what takes place within us is made perceptible outside us, so he plays a game with the border between perceptible reality and projection. Introduction by Eva Wittocx [ENG/DUT]