Article Number: 10284
Hard Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 67 Pages, 2016, Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB)
Wael Shawky

Cabaret Crusades – Drawings

€ 53.50

"Cabaret Crusades - Drawings" is a limited-edition pop-up book by Egyptian artist Wael Shawky, published by Kunsthaus Bregenz as part of an exhibition about the work of Wael Shawky.

The pop-ups are based on seven drawings by Shawky that in turn are inspired by the Arabian calligraphers, colorists and storytellers working just before the First Crusade. Thus, a two-headed animal bears castles upon its back; a gigantic camel straddles mountains. Meticulously precise yet dreamlike, Shawky’s drawings swarm with waxen incident and narrative detail, displaying worlds equally alien and familiar, diffuse and present. "Cabaret Crusades - Drawings" also includes essays by Thomas D. Trummer and Omar Berrada who explore the historical foundations and current relevance of Shawky’s drawings and the particular role of draftsmanship within Shawky’s body of work as a whole. Language: English/German/Arabic