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Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 20 Pages, 2013
Pedro Costa

Casa de Lava - Caderno


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Supplement to the book "Casa de Lava - Caderno" buy portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa with an exclusive interview with Nuno Crespo and a text by Philippe Azoury.

During the course of the production preparation for his film 'Casa de Lava' (1994), portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa compiled what he saw, what he read, his many ideas and images into a scrapbook instead of a screenplay.Paintings, movie stills, letters, newspaper articles, scribbles, quotes from novels, postcards, lines of dialogue, snapshots, that guided him throughout the shooting of the film and that he continued - and finished - after returning to Lisboa. The green covered notebook became an autonomous object, a visual record of Costa's way of thinking. Language: Portuguese/French/English