Article Number: 3827
Magazine, English, Thread Stiching, 64 Pages, 2012


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Derek Sullivan, Peg Rail #3 (An idea folded in time. An idea folded in space), 2011, wood rail, pine Rietveld Zig-Zag chair painted oxide green, laser cut fabric, cable on wooden form, rope weaving, unique artists' book. Image courtesy of Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto. (Engl.)

Lands of Invention: The Nation Interrogated at the 8th Mercosul Biennial
by Scott McLeod
Rites of Return: Yael Bartana's And Europe will be Stunned...
by Carol Zemel
Buses, Babies, Temporary Tattoos: Social Media and Art Collide
by Michelle Kasprzak
Garden of Forking Paths: A Conversation with Derek Sullivan
by Saelan Twerdy
Reflecting Absence or When Social Networks Memorialize
by Chloé Roubert
L.A. Immersion: A Conversation on Pacific Standard Time
by Allison Collins and Eli Bornowsky
Centrefold and IBC:
Dematerialized C Magazine issue # 1 (Winter 1983/84)
by CN Tower Liquidation