Article Number: 12632
Hard Cover, German / English, Thread Stitching, 223 Pages, 2022, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
Christian Eisenberger, Nadia Ismail, Katia Huemer, Thomas W. Kuhn

Cola Bier Ente Herr Tee

Christian Eisenberger
€ 35.00

The title, which is read phonetically as Kollabierende Herde (Collapsing Herd), reveals the subtle humour of the Austrian artist that always accompanies his works.

For his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, Christian Eisenberger developed artworks that focus on and reinterpret land art. Eisenberger brings flora and fauna into the exhibition space, dissolving the static separation between inside and outside, between saleable art and the ephemeral. The publication also features works created by the artist as of 2013 in and with nature.