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Soft Cover, English, Staple Binding, 40 Pages, 2015, Karin Ferrari
Karin Ferrari


Occult Symbolism in Popculture
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Simple motifs to color based on common forms of imaginary in corporate logos, music videos and entertainment industry that a growing internet community associates with a hidden agenda.

Symbols, in whatever form they appear, are not usually isolated; they appear in clusters, giving rise to symbolic compositions, which may be evolved in time (as in the case of story telling), in space (works of art, emblems, graphic designs), or in both space and time (dreams, drama).

J.E. Cirlot, A dictionary of symbols, 1971 In place of aura, there is buzz. Like a swarm of bees, a swarm of images makes a buzz, and like a new idea or trend, once an image (whether attached to a product, a policy, a person, or a work of art) achieves saturation, it has a “buzz”. David Joselit, After Art, 2013 The bee stands for systemized industry and obedience, while the beehive is a metaphor for the control of the proletariat. Eminem, “Berzerk”, 2013 (4:05) Language: English