Article Number: 7450
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 112 Pages, 2013
Karl-Magnus Johansson

Communicating the Archive: Physical Migration

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There is no offline space. Or at least the experience of the Internet so deeply affects media users today that it influences their perspectives of the world outside the Web.

This situation has been described as post-Internet, a term that has loosely emerged as an approach within contemporary art, defined by the social and technological conditions of networked society.

The Regional State Archives in Gothenburg invited the artist Ida Lehtonen to let her artistic practice encounter the archives. In Communicating the Archive: Physical Migration, Lehtonen’s work is presented and examined from an archival and media archaeological standpoint. Somewhat disregarding traditional archival values such as preservation, security and authenticity, this volume reconsiders the archive post-Internet through contributions from scholars and practitioners of diverse fields: art, psychology, digital culture, archaeology and fashion. Language: English