Article Number: 3257
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 51 Pages, 2007

Consumption Junction

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BUREAU FOR OPEN CULTURE This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition Consumption Junction, organized by Bureau for Open Culture at Columbus College of Art & Design, and on view from September 13 to December 8, 2007 at Canzani Center Gallery on the CCAD campus.

Amy Chan, Guy Debord, Design Management AS, Dan Graham, Komar & Melamid, Learning Group, Nicola López, Scott Massey, The Miss Rockaway Armada, Ester Partegàs, Tim Rietenbach, 5.5 Designers

Consumption Junction seeks to make us think (...) about issues and topics related to the general impact humans make on the earth. It is a nudge toward discussions—or at the very least poignant reminders—about unkindly or
merely thoughtless acts against our environment. It certainly doesn’t seek to provide concrete solutions to these perplexing situations, but the artists, designers,
performers, writers, and thinkers in this exhibition are sensitive to concerns of this worldwide environmental movement an ecological crisis. They share a conceptual language that addresses a range of topics from excessive spending, pollution, and urban infrastructure to alternative transportation, suburban sprawl, and recycling.

James Voorhies