Article Number: 5161
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 2013
Ariel Guzik


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Cordiox, by Ariel Guzik, is a complex machine, four meters in height, which describes the environment through sound. This is due to its two complimentary elements: on one hand, 180 long, tense chords distributed throughout three harps, and on the other, a unique large cast cylinder made of pure quartz. This machine emits a subtle, tonally expansive crystalline cadence, thereby creating a unique listening experience. (Englisch)

The old church of San Lorenzo, venue of the Mexican pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition -La Biennale di Venezia, is a building that still speaks of its past greatness. It is important that the project to be developed there actively relates to a place of intrinsic aesthetic appeal. Consequently, the curatorial proposal consists in creating a sonorous dialogue with the space. Cordiox, by Ariel Guzik, is a complex machine that describes its environment through sound, spreading a tonal, subtle and expansive crystalline cadence, thus creating a unique listening experience. (Quelle :