Article Number: 6627
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stitching, 108 Pages, 2015, Fotohof
Andrew Phelps

Cubic feet / sec.

€ 25.00

Documents 3 decades of traveling through the Grand Canyon by boat with my father.

Trip after trip, thousands of Kodachrome images filled tray after tray as we carefully edited slideshows to show to our friends and family. Though I’m sure most people who saw our shows went away with a thrill, I could never help feeling that photography was never going to do what I wanted it to do. This failure, of course, is not photography’s, but mine and my lack of understanding what it can never do...

Only recently, when I took on the task of sorting through the thousands of images and seeing them as a whole - a complete journey and not fragments of past decades - did I see the memories and adventures flow into one story, one trip. Suddenly it made sense, this new edit where time is thrown out the window and the canyon is the only constant. This, finally, is the slideshow we could never make.Language: English