Article Number: 2342
Hard Cover, English, Glue Binding, 56 Pages, 2010, Kodoji, ISBN 978-3-03747-036-7
Konrad Pustola

Dark Rooms

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Konrad Pustola's pictures of dark rooms do not make for easy viewing. They do not depict scenes that are in any way horrific, obscene, or even unpleasant, but they do confound many of the customary expectations of what a photograph should look like, and of what it should do. (Review - Guy Lane)

In the words of Alexander Garcia Duttmann's accompanying essay: "We come here to fuck and suck strangers, or to watch them nailing each other to the dirty tiles." Hence the glory holes, mattresses, benches and toilet roll; and anonymous cubicles, stained sheets and leather swing. The rooms are dark for a reason. The photographs are about the clubs and about the sex, yet the formal rigour of Pustola's work enables him to address his subject without recourse to prurience, scandal, or worthy homilies about transgressive lifestyles.

(Review - Guy Lane)