Article Number: 3232
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 48 Pages, 2006, The Green Box
Eiko Grimberg

de)flection #3: The Years to Come

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In The Years to Come he describes the story of a hitherto unexplained explosion on New York's Wall Street on 16 September 1920. (Engl.)

Eiko Grimberg's interest is in histories and their narration. In the Years to Come, Grimberg is weaving a narrative from contemporary archival material and newspaper clippings, as well as from still visible historic traces, that does not explain the story, but enlightens how histories are formed.

In the series 'de)flection', artists are invited to explore reflexes and reflections on and with their own work, and to present it in form of a book.
'de)flection' is conceived so that format, page number and printing process are given. Conception and design of the individual volumes, however, are completely in the hands of the artists. These open as well as narrow guidelines create a framework within which each work can be – as in a kaleidoscope – projected, focused or fragmented.
'de)flection' questions the conditions, methods and aims of the artist and provokes a confrontation with infra- and meta-aspects of intermedial practices.
'de)flection' aims to generate books as hybrid forms between public artwork, comment on work and comment as work.
'de)flection' is a playing field and a screen for projection, a parallel and counter scene for each respective body of work.

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de)flection #3 - Eiko Grimberg: The Years to Come