Article Number: 5993
Soft Cover, English, Glue Binding, 96 Pages, 2010, Correspondents

Design: an Introduction

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A small publication without a predetermined brief. "DESIGN: AN INTRODUCTION" attempts to archive informal modes and references of nOffice's design production: archive, inventory, retrieval, obsessions, limits—the publication as design method.

nOffice are Markus Miessen (Studio Miessen), and Ralf Pfugfelder and Magnus Nilsson (Nilsson Plugfelder). nOffice are an architectural practice based in Berlin and London. Situated on the crossroads of critical spatial design, architecture, urban intervention and the art world, nOffice have been accumulating expert knowledge about the conceptualisation and implementation of archives, libraries, gallery spaces, cultural centres and the typology of the 'hub.'

Language: English