Article Number: 8952
Soft Cover, English, Thread Stiching, 288 Pages, 2015
Francesca Berardi

Detour in Detroit

Over the past two years, New York-based journalist Francesca Berardi has visited Detroit six times, compiling, as she puts it, "a resident-driven guide book to the new American frontier."

Traveling with artist Antonio Rovaldi, Berardi collected stories, images and opinions about the city from the residents themselves. Berardi quickly found out what Detroit inhabitant know already--that there is more to Detroit than hulking ruins and cheap real estate, and that Detroit is a stubborn, resistant and lively city, if you know where to look.
"An emotional and practical book about the city, mapped through a series of encounters with its people," Detour in Detroit includes interviews with prominent residents of Detroit such as Derrick May, Grace Lee Boggs, Leni Sinclair, Dan Pitera, Greg Baise, Dabls, Yusef Shakur, Scott Hocking and Cary Loren, among others.

Language: English