Article Number: 1287
Magazine, German, Staple Binding, 2009, Motto
Hg. Philippe Jarrigeon, Sylvain Menétrey

Dorade no°1 "Les Débuts"

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Somewhere between a chic shark and a straight talking carp, Dorade enjoys rolling around in breadcrumbs, asking silly questions then gleaning spawning theories, maximising the absurd and pursuing metaphors to the bitter end. Although it may take the joke too far, it knows how to make up for it the next time around.

The first issue deals with beginnings seen as cosmogonies, paradise, first stone, primitive in Swiss art, etc.


Henry Chapier, Nina Childress, Claudia Comte, Fischli & Weiss, Yoann Gourcuff, Natacha Lesueur, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Lilly Reich, Céline Sciamma, Olivier Theyskens, etc.


Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Candice Bary, Pauline Beaudemont, Sébastien Cambos, Charlotte Collet, Sandra Dessi, Céline Exbrayat, David Favrod, Léa Fluck, Sophear Froment, Julien Fronsacq, Pierre Grosjean, Meryt Halda Khan, Guillaume Jarrigeon, Florian Joye, Jeanne Pargeon, Sandrine Pelletier, Valérianne Poidevin, Delphine Roche, Edouard Ropars, Urs Stahel, Florence Tétier.

Dorade, 148 pages, 23,5 x 30 cm.

About the magazine:

Brilliant and sinuous, collector of photographic discoveries and forms of criticism, Dorade is an artistic periodical where mermaids admit to their slightly fishy odour. Dorade is a show, a series of performances, and a statement in serial issues. Neither old nor young, but both naive and sneering: it enjoys drawing poetic parallels between the people and places it examines. Does Dorade draw its inspiration from the people it encounters or is it an inspiration in and of itself? All those who have featured in its pages tend to resemble it, becoming a caricature of themselves – like Dorade, the sponge that absorbs and expectorates them.