Article Number: 832
Hard Cover, German, Staple Binding, 122 Pages, 2009, Princeton Architectural Press
Stuart Bailey

Dot Dot Dot 18

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Since its conception in 2000 DDD has immatured into a jocuserious fanzine-journal-orphanage based on true stories deeply concerned with art-design-music-language-literature-architecture.

After seventeen issues, Dot Dot Dot remains the must-read journal on every designer’s desk. By steering clear of both commercial portfolio presentations and impenetrable academic theory, it has become the premier venue for creative journalism on diverse subjects—music, art, literature, and architecture—that affect the way we think about and make design. Dot Dot Dot 18 presents the latest fieldwork of a multidisciplinary group of contributors investigating the web of influences shaping contemporary culture. Smart, passionate, and imaginatively designed, Dot Dot Dot is for graphic designers and anyone interested in the visual arts.