Article Number: 1036
Soft Cover, German, Glue Binding, 96 Pages, 2008, Schlebrügge.Editor
David Komary


Selected Exhibitation
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The catalog “dreizehnzwei – selected exhibitions“ focuses on three of a total of twenty thematic group exhibitions which were shown in the exhibition space until 2008.

The exhibitions have been selected for their exemplary character: each of them refers to one of the three thematic strands which were constitutive for the overall programme of exhibitions. In keeping with this, the exhibition on exit frame go loop stands here for debates on the concept of reality in the context of the scientific image, while continuing the investigation of media ontology begun in earlier exhibitions. Time offset, phase signatures deals with issues of spatial and time theory that were also thematised in the exhibitions can’t see nothing and transistor_transformer. The third thematic complex is represented here by reduce to the maximum, both with reference to contemporary forms of abstraction and the development of abstract formal idioms in general as well as in the context of the digital image.

Language: German