Article Number: 10853
Magazine, English, Thread Stitching, 136 Pages, 2007
Rosanna Gangemi

Drome Magazine #9 - Doppio / Doubles

January - March 2007

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The secret of its longevity lies in its claim. Independence, a cross-cultural approach and sublime in every form are the main sources of inspiration for DROME, the edge-driven magazine with an international and monographic appeal, featuring and skilfully mixing art, photography, design, videos, fashion, architecture, cinema, music, theatre, dance, literature.

Every issue of DROME offers a thematically curated investigation on society through the lens of contemporary arts.

Created and edited by Rosanna Gangemi and Stefan Pollak, DROME represents the new generation of contemporary art magazines. Founded in Rome in 2004, published by the creative studio PHLEGMATICS, distributed in over twenty-five countries worldwide and with operational seats also in Brussels and Paris, the magazine is published every six months in a bilingual version (Italian/English).Renowned for its focus on the organisation of unforgettable events, DROME represents a crossroads where the most innovative contemporary art voices in the current international scene meet. Language: English/Italian