Article Number: 10573
Soft Cover, Thread Stiching, 62 Pages, 2009
Franco Vaccari

Duchamp Messo a Nudo

Dal ready-made alla finanza creativa

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It is well-known that the current crisis is rooted in the gap between speculative and productive economies, the overwhelming power of producers of fantasy wealth and the marginalization of those who, working, produce authentic wealth.

Art, whose prerogative, ritual, celebratory, prestigious function, was undeniable in the past, now holds that of a good retreat prince. Not having the aura of merit, it is the privilege. The artist and aesthetic theorist, Franco Vaccari, in his ideological-cognitive methodology, demonstrates the conceptual analogy in duchampian work between the production of a sign of character and the so-called creative finance today, formalizing his reflection in a surprising sequence of diptychs, whose brilliant revelations become a kind of scoop.

Language: Italian